Stone and Ceramic Installation

A large variety of stones and ceramics are available on the market. From floors to walls, CSA Construction Inc. can help you with installation. Every project requires intricate and detailed work in order to create the space you always wanted.

Interior  and exterior walls; (design, detail, safety code, cleanliness)
Pillars and columns; (flashings, transitions)
Fireplaces (design, detail, safety code, cleanliness)
Chimneys (capping, height, roofing, pictures)
Kictchen Backsplash
Shower floors with drains

Not sure how to put it all together or where to start?

We do.
Let us help you!

We listen
We observe
We ask questions
We discuss
We take notes
We propose

Consultation services

Avoid costly errors, delays and stress.
Hire the professionals!

Our consultation service* will help you determine how to:

Choose the product;
Define the style;
Harmonise the colours;
Establish a budget;
Choose the accessories: (mantel, hearth, lighting)
Decide on the features;
Establish the size of the project;
Discover all the options;
Establish a working schedule;



Can’t imagine how the end result will look like?

CSA Construction Inc. can get you the drawing to allow you to see your project before it gets done! A good way to avoid disappointment well worth the investment!

These are the options available:

  • Hand drawings (for a more creative / artistic project);
  • 3D Computer-scaled drawings of walls or fireplaces;
  • Structural/framing drawings;
  • 3D drawings of house exterior;
  • 2D drawings of walls.

Get to see your project now!

Do It Yourself (DYI)

You would like to do it yourself but are not sure how? We believe in helping others help themselves!

Our DIY service is geared to those who would like to install the stone veneer themselves but still need advice to make sure they are doing it the right way!

This service includes:

  • Providing you with a list of tools and products needed to do the job right;
  • Advising you on how to prepare the substrate;
  • Helping you get organized on site;
  • Giving you a hands-on start-up session;
  • Being available on the phone for your questions and troubleshooting;
  • Teaching you simple stone installation techniques;
  • Helping you with the finishing touches.

This service is based on an hourly rate. To find out more, contact us by email at :

Renovation, demolition, framing, mouldings, painting, plaster... etc.

We take care of all the prep work as well as all the finishing touches.

These might include:

  • Demolition (careful, safe, clean);
  • Building of substrate (design, building code, combustibles / non-combustibles materials;
  • Wall inspection (Moisture issues, mold, construction, leeks, insulation and signs of insects);
  • Exterior wall preparation (Tyvek, rain screen, water drainage, flashing, chimney capping);
  • Mouldings;
  • Plaster;
  • Electrical, cable, video wiring;
  • Fireplace moving,
  • Painting touches;
  • Parging;
  • Fireplace door painting and door adjustments, fireplace glass replacement.

Lighting, Audio-Visual

The right lighting is an essential complement to any interior or exterior stone structure. It brings out the details and the beauty of this noble material. Let us help you with the design and installation. We offer high quality recessed LED lights.