House covering in stone

Mr & Mrs Simpson’s exterior

Project Description

Location: Barhaven, ON
Surface Area: 130 sq.f
Year Completed: 2012
Time for completion: 5 days
Stone Type: Cultured Stone Southern Ledge Bucks County –  LED exterior lights

Mandate : Finished with maintenance! Replaced the existing surface of wood for glued cultured stone to not only give beauty to the house but to have a maintenant free home covering and to know that it will stay forever. Having done so without entering a single nail into the roof, exteriors LED lights were added to the roof ledge to illuminate the beauty of the stone once the sun sets.

The Challenges

Working on a roof without drilling a single hole for the lights to go in was a challenge. However we found a system that worked perfectly while ensuring the safety of firehazard of the lights and keeping the roof intact.

Also, working with mortar and asphalt shingles proves to be very difficult to clean. So we provided the client with adequate protection to ensure a final result without a mess.


Every time I drive up the laneway and see the stonework that you did, I feel so happy.  It is beautiful.

Thanks very much. Good luck in your business.

Tom & Eve Simpson

House covering in stone
Stone fireplace

Mr Wilson’s charming fireplace

Project description

Place : Chelsea, QC
Surface : 30 p.c.
Year completed: 2014
Time of completion : 2 jours
Stone type : Cultured Stone Old Country Fieldstone Tudor 

Mandate : To reface the fireplace’s surface in a unique but affordable way!


We are very satisfied with how everything finished. We really like our fireplace.


Chris Wilson

Stone fireplace
Stone veneer fireplace

Mr & Mrs Cantin’s fireplace

Project Description

Location: Orléans, ON
Surface Area: 52 sq.f
Year Completed: 2014
Time for completion: 2 days
Stone Type: Realstone Shadowstone Alabaster

Mandate : The mandate was to modify the fireplace’s dimensions, reinforce the framing and prepare the fireplace mantel. Lastly, our mandate was to install the Realstone Shadowstone Alabaster.

The Challenges

Once the walls of the home were opened in order to reinforce the framing, we found that the installation of the existing fireplace had not been installed according to the building code.  We found mold, signs of water infiltration and a fire hazard with the fireplace. We managed to stop the project, explain the problem to the customer, provide a budget for the unexpected work and make the necessary repairs to have a well built and secure fireplace.


I would not have any problem recommending to whoever, they did an amazing job!!! Thank you Eugenia and Philippe for your excellent work and also for your great decoration tips. They were very useful!

Roxane and Craig

Stone veneer fireplace